Innovation collaboration management 

Collaboration is a key to business efficiency. 123worx provides features that will enhance collaboration in project teams and employees company wide. It also provides seamless collaboration with trade partners and clients.

Collaboration Management Features


Consolidated Meetings

Manage all company meetings​ using advanced meetings management protocol and customize-able templates.


Day, week, month personal calendar linked to MS Office and mobile devices.

Group Calendar

Day, week, month Company-wide calendar management with Gantt chart option, linked to MS Office and mobile devices.


Comprehensive contact information management including links throughout software for quick connection to all information​.

Mail & Microsoft Office 365 Mail 

Fully integrated email management with email tracking system & Microsoft Outlook full-screen integration. 

Skype for Business & Microsoft Teams 

Integrated Skype for business  & Microsoft Teams: a platform that combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments.

Trade Partner Portal

Schedules, RFP, PO, CO, invoices and all project documents, letters of reference, reviews on internet, referrals, surveys​.

Client Portal

Schedules and all project documents, letters of reference, reviews on internet, referrals, customer surveys​.

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