Innovation in Business Management 

In addition to advanced project management, 123worx provides complete business management capability with its feature rich solution. Now you can extend your project management processes to manage your business all from single interface with no need for manual data transfer between applications.

Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base is one of the tools businesses use to share data and enhance collaboration between employees. Knowledge Base offers all the functionality of Document Library. In addition, it provides a Text Editor for creating notes and text documents. Integrated drawing application offers the ability to create Organizational Charts, Schedules, and Company Processes.

Document Library

The company-wide Document Library that let you manage documents, photo and video. Integration with Office 365 allows for seamless creation, editing and viewing of Word, Excel and Power Point documents. Access to the Document Library is controlled with the role-based access.

Business Management Features


Opportunity/Lead Management (CRM) 

123worx offers comprehensive CRM for opportunity and sales management. It allows user to track communication and activities for each lead. In addition, there are over dozen tools that help build and manage the lead - Activities, Meetings, Questions, Registry, Checklists, Tender Documents, Tenders, RFI’s, Client Proposals, Schedules, RFP’s, Workplace Safety, HR Management, Reviews, Inspections, Time Clock, Document Library, Notes, Competitors​.

Contacts and Companies Database

Contacts and Companies database is an important part of any business. 123worx provides comprehensive and contact database with many useful features (Registry, Contacts, Addresses, Activities, opportunities, projects, pricing, request for proposals, purchase orders, vendor credits, punch list, work orders, document library, notes, warranty, service management, trade partner and supplier management). 123worx import feature makes it easy to migrate data from other platforms.

Activities Management

Activities management is a comprehensive tool that manages and tracks various activities with clients, trade partners and between  employees. Activities include tasks, phone calls, appointments, emails, marketing campaign responses​.

Time Clock / Punch Clock

Time clock/Punch clock is an important tool to manage the time sheet for hourly employees. Available on mobile app with geo location recording, it increases the productivity as employees can only claim the time when they are physically on site or in the office. It eliminates the need for paper time sheets and provides on-line approval.


Client Proposals

The client proposal comes loaded with many features such as Risk Analysis, Proposal Overview, Detailed Quote, Proposal Payment Schedule, Pictures, Drawings, Cover, Reports

Safety Management Center

Comprehensive company safety policy and management including government’s company-wide safety protocols..

HR Management 

123worx has a company HR policy and management feature. It includes HR protocols, HR meetings, action plans and employee reviews, etc.

Time-Off Calender

Easy to use drag and drop tool, let employee book time-off or vacation in 123worx. Approval process is also online. It provide a summary view of time-off helping others to avoid conflict while booking time-off.

Company Process ​​​

123worx has built in application to create and manage company process documents. This includes but limited to org charts, business process charts, documentation​ and integration with HR functionality.

Marketing Campaigns & Lists

123worx has a built in Marketing Campaign with many useful features to manage campaigns. This includes Lead Source Management, Campaign Cost Management, Marketing Schedule with Gantt chart, Marketing Campaign Contact Lists and Email Lists. Email are sent using the third party integration such as SendGird or MailChimp.

Request for Proposals

123worx provides consolidated request for proposals and tender management for all projects​.

Sales Quotas and Commission

Track and manage sales quotas and commission associated with sales. Track the upgrades for sales commission on all projects during design and post sale​.

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