All-in-one management solution

for the construction industry 

123worx is an integrated enterprise-class software solution that is flexible, affordable, easy to use and provides end-to-end functionality and workflow for managing all aspects of construction projects and business for the construction industry.


  • Marketing campaigns

  • Lead management 

  • Safety Management Center

  • HR Management

  • Accounting 

  • Document management (doc's, photos & videos)

  • High-level security

  • Online punch clock

  • Company Processes

  • Auto Emails

  • Auto Tasks

  • Calendar

  • Group calendar

  • Meetings management




  • Communication and collaboration tools

  • In-project Collaboration 

  • Employee Collaboration

  • Trade Partner Portal

  • Client Portal

  • Meetings, Auto emails, Auto tasks​

  • Time & Attendance

  • Full CRM

  • Review management

  • Permit Management

  • Estimating

  • Job Costing

  • Job Scheduling

  • Change Order

  • Selection Sheets

  • Tender Management

  • Supplier Management

  • Task Management

  • Warranty Management

  • LEED Credit Management

  • Asset Tracking

  • Safety Tracking and Management

  • Resource Leveling

  • User and software security management



123worx has been designed and developed as a cloud-based software.  Cloud gives the power to access software, data, and documents from anywhere at any time. Users can easily upload and download content on the go seamlessly from any IP enabled device based on their role-based access control. 123worx can be hosted on a cloud platform of your choice. Microsoft Azure is the default cloud platform used by 123worx because of its high security and additional features including analytics.

End-to-end business workflow including auto-emails and auto-task management. Manage company processes with milestone automated tasks and emails allowing for escalation protocols.

123worx incorporates technology-driven business intelligence for analyzing data and providing actionable information to help executives, managers, and other corporate stakeholders for informed business decisions. 

OakWood is one of Ottawa's most innovative and established Design & Build Contractors. It has been using 123worx for the past 3 years as the only software to run all aspects of its business.

Key ROI metrics include:

  • Reduction in licensing fees

  • Improvement in workplace efficiency (Easy to use, advanced features and no need to transfer data between applications)

  • Improvement in lead conversion

  • Reduction in construction material order errors

  • Increase in on-time and on-budget delivery

Corporate Headquarters

865 Taylor Creek Dr, Ottawa, ON K4A 0Z9